Born in Brooklyn, NY, John studied Computer Science in Long Island. He began his career in app development in 2009 and went on to work for several notable companies including Imgur, DocuSign, and Workday. He’s given remote talks (over Facetime) at Hofstra and Nassau Community College on the topics of personal development and career success.

John now lives and works in North Carolina, is a software developer, landlord and entrepreneur. He’s a tech enthusiast, avid gamer, VR aficionado, and has been involved in the improv scene for several years.

Viewing the world through a psychological, rather than sociological, lens, John can be described as a classical liberal who cares very much about free speech and individual sovereignty. He is inspired by the work of professor Jordan Peterson and hosts a Study group in Raleigh, NC twice a week to share and discuss his ideas. A proponent of liberty, personal freedom and reason, John has become an outspoken critic of progressive leftist ideology and aims to raise awareness about what’s at stake.