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I'm an iOS Software engineer, a meetup organizer, a gamer, and much more.

Welcome to my new blog

03 Sep 2019 » personal

Welcome to my new blog.

For those of you who know me already, you know that I post quite a lot across my social media accounts.

Some of those posts have become lengthier (and more thought out) blog posts over on my Medium profile, and although I enjoy posting to that site overall, I didn’t love that the blog belonged to “medium dot com” and not “jp mcglone dot com”

So, here we are. Welcome to

The design of this blog will likely update over the months (and maybe even years). I built and deployed this blog using jekyll, a static site generator written in ruby, which uses a format called Front Matter that is easy to work with (and export later, if I ever need to).

I plan to share my ideas here, write public letters, talk about programming, and much more. So make sure to bookmark this site and visit regularly!