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On Truth itself

11 Sep 2019 » philosophy

I was thinking about the term “non-believer”, and it doesn’t really work for the way that I think about Truth. Is ‘Truth’ something you believe in? Or something you acknwoledge exists? Understand? Attune with?

I mean, I guess it could make sense, but if you “believe” in Truth itself, and you aim to not only understand, but honor it, you’re not merely a “believer” – that makes Truth sound like a superstition, on the same level as broken mirrors and the Tooth Fairy.

To call your relationship with Truth itself a ‘belief’ sounds belittling.

It’s a conviction.

“Follower” of Truth might work. And maybe “seeker” of Truth. I don’t tend to say “God” when talking about this topic, because I don’t think others think of “God” in exactly the same way. (Although they might say they think of God as Truth itself, they tend to also say that God is more than that. That God isn’t just Truth, but that Truth eminates from God. I don’t see the difference, but I’ve had this debate many times now.)

“Follower”, “seeker”, or “child” of Truth itself.

The more I explore this idea of “God is Truth itself”, the more I think this is precisely what our ancestors actually understood “God” to be.

Perhaps what the bible describes is the (loosely put) “personality” or “spirit” of Truth itself, which is sort of like how an ocean, lake or river has a personality (even though they’re just manifestations of nature).

Truth is all that is (and all that was, and all that will ever be), and it certainly has a personality! (I think the Old Testament illustrates that personality very well.)

So this is just some food for thought. Do you seek, follow or “believe” in Truth itself? Or do you think reality is an illusion, or something else entirely?